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Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT)

ic1004 600×600 minMEET THE MAESTRO.

3D OCT-1 Maestro™ by Topcon. Palm Beach Eyesight's new Topcon Maestro OCT camera is among the best technology for our patients. The 3D images produced by this state of the art equipment allow for the early detection of eye diseases from deep within the eye. The exam is fast, painless and comprehensive.

Using a Topcon state-of-the-art 3D OCT camera, your we take both a digital photograph and a three dimensional cross sectional scan of the back of your eye in one sitting. This allows us to instantly diagnose a number of common conditions. The scan is non-invasive, painless, simple and quick. What’s more, the software can automatically detect even the most subtle changes to the retina with every eye test you take. This gives you an invaluable ongoing record of the health and condition of your eyes.

The following eye diseases can be detected and diagnosed; Age-related macular degeneration, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular holes, Vitreous detachments.


Our Wellington office is closed beginning august 31st. 

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