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Q. What is Clarifye?

A. Clarifye is the revolutionary digital refractive system that our doctors and staff have been using in our offices since last summer. The Clarifye system gives us the most information available concerning a patient's refractive state and helps us quickly determine the best eyeglass prescription to satisfy any patient's visual needs.

When Dr. Nason and Silverstone were in school, the best way to get a heads up on what type of vision correction a patient needed was to perform a test called retinoscopy. The retinoscope has been around since the 1800s and allowed us to get an initial prescription by interpreting how a light shined into the patient's eyes was changed by the shape and length of their eyes.

Over the last two decades, the retinoscope was replaced by the autorefractor which provided the same information as retinoscopy but was faster, more consistent and more accurate. Corneal topography was a separate technology that provided information about the shape of the front of the eye.

Today, the Vision Profiler section of the Clarifye system has an autorefractor, a corneal topographer, and an infrared interferometer, which goes beyond those instruments to assess the individual qualities of each eye's shape. Clarifye combines all three technologies into the Vision Profiler which gives Dr. Nason and Silverstone the most accurate initial prescription available.

The information obtained with the Vision Profiler is then combined with the measuring of the patient's current glasses by the Lens Profiler, and seamlessly transferred to the Subjective Refractive Unit, the device the doctor uses to finalize the prescription. No more flipping knobs for the doctor. The SRU is completely controlled by iPad.

Another exciting part of the Clarifye system is the ability of our doctors to access tons of helpful information on the iPad from pros and cons of different eyeglass lens options, to mini movies that helpfully explain many eye disease states.

The Clarifye system has revolutionized our office. Come be a part of it and experience the latest in eye exam technology.

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Do you know what a phoropter is?  If you've ever had an eye exam you do.  It's the big eyeglass  looking thing your optometrist places in front of your face when he or she performs your refraction, determining what eyeglass prescription you need.  Phoropters have largely gone unchanged since they were introduced in 1915.  They are so iconic, Justin Timberlake posed with one on the cover of his 2013 The 20/20 Experience album!

Anyone who has had an eye exam will associate the phoropter with the most uncomfortable question a doctor can ask:  Which is better, one or two?  Even though there is no wrong answer, you still don’t want to be responsible for getting an inaccurate eyeglass prescription because of the choices you make.  What would you say if there’s now a system to do a refraction that is so accurate, that the doctor barely needs input from you?

Well, technology has finally caught up with the phoropter.  Whereas historically refractions were performed on “analog” equipment, Michael S. Nason, O.D., P.A. and We’re All About Eyes, P.A. will now be performing “digital” state-of-the-art refractions thanks to Clarifye!

Your introduction to the new technology starts in the pretest room with the technician, where instead of just estimating your prescription, the new Clarifye system actually analyzes your eye; measuring its shape, length and imperfections to come up with an almost perfect initial refraction that is transferred seamlessly into the digital phoropter in the exam room.  Not only is the “1 or 2” process shorter, but the doctor can show you immediately the difference between your current glasses and the new ones.  Plus any adjustments for reading, the computer, sports, night driving or any other need will be addressed smoothly and completely.

One of the most exciting additions, for Drs. Nason and Silverstone, is the topographer that will become part of every refraction on every patient.  The topographer makes a map of the front of the eye, the cornea, which is the clear window in front of the colored part of the eye, the iris.  The map tells the doctor about the shape of the cornea which can highlight refractive issues like astigmatism, or disease processes like keratoconus.  Historically the topographer only was used on rare occasions for patients who had diseased or irregular corneas.  Now, with access to the topography of every patient incorporated directly into the phoropter, the doctor will have a much more accurate impression of the refractive state of the eye.  Plus, the topographer will allow the doctors to discover disease processes much earlier than previously, quite often before the patient develops symptoms.

We will be adding this very exciting technology in June 2016.  The digital revolution has now entered your optometrist’s office!

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